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  • Victoria Pash

Water Wise California

Earlier this year Governor Brown declared that the drought emergency is over, but that another drought is impending. Brown also stated that, “conservation must remain a way of life.” In the ways of diet and exercise, it’s impossible to stick to a regimen for a few days, lose a few pounds and expect to keep maintaining your physique without continuing to eat healthy and work out. It is a lifestyle; just as conserving water is. Upholding the mindset of being water wise or “going green,” succeeding the drought in California is imperative to making sure the drought does not reoccur. We always should be conscious of how much water we are using at any time, whether it is washing the dishes, taking a shower, brushing your teeth or watering our gardens. Fortunately, here at Wilson Greens we can help you with one of those things. Choosing artificial grass over real grass is just one way of preserving water that will also preserve your wallet, your time and your energy. Furthermore, it is one less thing you need to worry about. There is very little maintenance and we can do it for you or show you how. You no longer have to anxiously wait for your water bill, and you don’t have to spend time outside pulling weeds and lawn-mowing (which will also eliminate extra air pollution). In turn you have more energy to spend with your family and friends. You also don’t have to spend money hiring a gardener to do your landscaping—besides no one likes being woken up by a loud and smelly lawn-mower anyway.

Did you know 60% of water is devoted to outside irrigation? Well it doesn’t have to be that way. We need to drink more water, and spray less of it. Water districts and other agencies are still encouraging homeowners to conserve water by offering rebates, and all it takes is one simple application. You get a check in the mail for installing synthetic grass, and continually save money on your water bill year after year. Plus, you get a solid green and 100% recyclable turf lawn that never perishes or fades. Our turf is manufactured in a way that allows it to drain, so rain and another “liquid” substances will not cause it to flood or ruin it. Like we stated before, our product is completely pet-friendly. But it doesn’t stop there, because so many other types of home improvement projects may also qualify you for a rebate. (You can just contact your local water district for a comprehensive list of cities and qualifying products.) Reduce your consumption and carbon footprint by choosing Wilson Greens for your drought-tolerant landscaping and help keep California on the right track towards a better environment.

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