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  • Victoria Pash

Making the Most Out of Your Property

It has always been the goal to “make a house a home,” but why stop there? Make your entire outdoor living area part of your home as well. By extending your home into your yard, you create not just a place to dwell but another place to rest and relax. A place that is sleek, clean and stylish. There are so many creative ideas to make your “extended home” inviting and still aesthetic. Synthetic grass is our speciality and saves you time, money and energy in the long run. Create a fun picnic area or enchanting lounge area on top of it, with comfy blankets and pillows, or combine the latest styles in outdoor furniture. Another plus is you will not have to worry about allergies, bugs or dirt getting in or on anything.

Speaking of dirt, no one likes muddy footprints inside their home. Whether it’s you or your pet, eliminate the concern of getting stains on the carpet or having to constantly mop the floor. With artificial grass, you can install a dog run that your pup is sure to enjoy and won’t be able to dig up. Even create an area complete with ramps and playthings for your furry companion. For children, erase your fear of them falling down and hurting themselves on wood chips or other hard surfaces while playing on their playground. All our turf is certified pet-friendly and kid-friendly.

If you like to host gatherings, a mini putting green is another investment (especially for the golf lover in your household) that will surely turn your yard into the place to be. We can construct a course that includes slopes and contours, complete with mini sand dunes and up to six holes! Moreover, we can build a life-size chess or checkers board by patterning turf and concrete pavers. With artificial turf, it is easy to form precise cut-outs to personalize your lawn because you don’t have to worry about it growing back out. Mark your territory by carving your household’s last name, the owners’ initials, favorite emblem etc.

Aside from all of these fun ideas using synthetic turf, our team at Wilson Greens has expertise in designing hardscapes and desertscapes utilizing a variety of top-tier pavers, drought-tolerant plants, decomposed granite and decorative rocks. What’s even more is we can build you a fence, construct a fire pit, install a BBQ and so much more. You are the customer, you are our priority, and we want YOU to look outside your house and be amazed. The stresses of daily life can be overwhelming so make your outdoor living area an escape, not an unsightly burden that you constantly have to maintain.

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