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Personalize Your Lawn

We always like to say go green, but how would you like to go blue. . .or even pink? Well with our high-quality artificial turf you can choose from a selection of colors to really make your lawn stand out from the rest! Turn your lawn or lounge area into a vibrant landscape that would make Vincent van Gogh say wow. Using more than one color, create colorful designs and shapes for a sports field or playground. Or make your pup feel extra special, with his very own dignified colored space in the middle of all the green.

Besides the effervescent tones you can decide from, there are many other ways you can tailor your lawn to your personality or lifestyle. Call today and ask about our custom cut-outs. With precise dimensions and a selection of fonts we will perfect and install your family name, business name etc. right onto your lawn! Are you a die-hard sports fan? Then get your favorite sports team logo engraved into your yard, and host an outside party to watch the game!

If you like to be the ones to entertain we can construct your very own synthetic grass amphitheater. (See slideshow above.) Depending on the size of the ground area afforded, we mold it into steps and lay the synthetic grass over it. Then you can invite everyone for an outdoor movie night with family and friends and serve up the popcorn!

With the experts at Wilson Greens Synthetic Grass and Putting Green Experts there are no limits to what you can do with artificial grass.

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