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  • Victoria Pash

Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution with Artificial Turf

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

It is now 2018 and we all know what is going through your head at the start of the new year. “It’s time to get fit and start eating healthy,” right? Maybe you aren’t the type of person to go to the gym but you still want to get that workout in. Well believe it or not Wilson Greens can help you achieve your fitness goals. If you thought the only benefits to having synthetic grass were saving time, money and water you are wrong, because it will also help encourage you to be outside in the warm California sun. Simply spending more time outside supports the production of Vitamin D which has been known to prevent cancer and disease. Furthermore, having an artificial grass lawn will inspire you to be more active. You can try some of those yoga poses, do some sprints, set up an obstacle course and add some grass hills etc. The turf padding technology assists with shock absorption for training stability. Why else would sports arenas and public gyms want to install synthetic turf over regular sod? Turf eliminates the fear of running into holes in the ground that are very common with sod—no more sprained ankles! Plus, you can remove the concern for allergic reactions that real grass may cause. You can lay down, roll around and fall down without getting hurt either because it is softer than any wood floors or concrete you may play other sports on. Despite some concerns, synthetic turf resists the heat of the sun and doesn’t attract bugs.

Sometimes going to the same gym every day can get monotonous. You can change up the type of workouts you do when you have a whole area of artificial turf to yourself, because it is sturdy and endures the heavy movement of many intense sports activities. Invite family and friends to do it with you and simply make up your own fitness dance routine. Or you can bring out your furry companion as your fitness partner, and chase him or her around your synthetic grass lawn for some exercise Get outdoors and take in your daily dose of Vitamin D, then refuel by setting up a picnic on your new and improved lawn. The possibilities are endless. Anything you think up we can manifest. With the boom of the fitness industry in Southern California, it seems only appropriate to acknowledge the fact that with Wilson Greens you CAN advance your fitness goals AND save yourself time by designing and installing your own personal backyard gym.

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