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How To Maintain Your Artificial Turf Lawn

While artificial turf is very low-maintenance, there are many ways to preserve your lawn in order to make it last for a very long time. When you complete a project with us, we will offer you a free cleaning six months after installation and show you how to deep clean your synthetic grass. However, there are a lot of little actions you can take to make it easier to clean.

Many people either think they can install artificial grass and never have to worry about touching their lawn again, or others who find it very hard to maintain. This post explains the reasons for these contradicting opinions and includes preventative measures to maintain the natural look and beauty of your Wilson Greens installation.

In order to keep your lawn looking beautiful for many years, we recommend that you regularly remove natural debris, such as leaves and shrubs. When such plants and seeds are not removed, they lead to the rooting of more weeds. You can use a weed killer to deter them from growing through and at the edges of your lawn, but it’s best to remove the dirt and debris first. There are plenty of environmentally-friendly products on the market to eradicate moss and wildflowers that will not damage the synthetic turf.

Brushing your grass regularly will keep it in the best possible condition and improve the “natural” look of your artificial lawn. Using a power broom or regular nylon push broom will keep the synthetic fibers in an upright position for a longer period of time. Depending on how much traffic your lawn receives will decipher how frequently you need to brush it. (Also, note that you need to brush against the natural direction the fibers to lift and reposition them.)

As far as traffic goes, regular foot traffic does not affect the lifespan of your turf. Nevertheless, you can avoid stains, burns and other accidents that may damage the grass. Furthermore, placing heavy items and having pets may affect the look and smell of your lawn.

Heavy objects, like trampolines, swing sets, or outdoor furniture will flatten the fibers of the grass. Once it is removed you can take a power broom or push broom mentioned above and brush the blades to their normal upright position. If items have been placed on the lawn for too long, it may take a few good brushes to return the blades to their natural position. Although it never snows in Southern California, and winter conditions are not a problem for artificial turf it is important to know that snow and ice will not harm the grass and you do not have to remove it manually. Frost and icy layers formed on the grass must melt and drain away organically. The backing of artificial grass is perforated which allows it to drain as a natural grass lawn should.

It is not recommended that you keep a barbeque on your lawn or smoke on it in order to prevent ashes from falling and burning or melting the blades of the grass. We can still come and repair it for you, but our warranty only covers general wear and tear. Simply keeping any sort of fire or flame away from your lawn will evade any major damages. Artificial grass is stain resistant, so other spills and pet waste can easily be rinsed away with water. (If you would like, you may choose to use soap to avoid odors.) Being proactive and the frequency of performing maintenance will prevent any noticeable damage to your synthetic grass lawn and keep it looking new!

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