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  • Victoria Pash

The Process of Installing Artificial Turf

Inquiring about artificial turf and want to know how we do it? Read below!

Step 1: If you already have natural grass, concrete or another material in place and are looking to remove it we will excavate three to four inches in order to prep the base.

Step 2: If necessary, we cap off the sprinklers because you don't need those anymore! However, if you still need sprinklers or a drip line on other parts of your yard we will make sure to set that up.

Step 3: To prepare the foundation for the artificial turf, we then lay a crushed rock (Class II) road base roughly three to four inches and level it out. If you want a sort of mound or hill we sculpt that for you as well.

Step 4: If you would like to create different sections in your yard, we would then customize your space for you using edging. We use either bender board or a straight treated 2x4 depending on the shape of your lawn. This creates a nice, even look to your yard and makes it very polished.

Step 5: We then lay the artificial turf and cut it as needed to fit the space. After, we use long nails to adhere it into the ground, every few inches or so.

Step 6: After all the turf is nailed down, we then brush it up using a power broom and infill it with silica sand or pet-friendly infill. This infill helps to weigh the grass down, makes the blades of the turf stand up more (preventing any impressions in the grass) and therefore giving it a much more natural look.

Have any more questions? Feel free to leave us questions or comments on our customer form and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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