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  • Victoria Pash

Summer Is In The Air!

Summer is officially in the air and so are those pesky bugs. Did you know that artificial turf helps to eliminate the pests in your yard? In fact, the durable material used in artificial turf prevents fleas, mosquitos, ants and flies from accessing the dirt which bugs need for breeding and feeding. Moreover, because watering your lawn is not required with turf, the absence of water aids in preventing bugs. Water in the ground is essential for bugs to build and preserve their nests. As a homeowner (especially with children and/or pets) you will notice and value what artificial grass can do for you. Being able to enjoy your yard is vital for having a fun summer and being able to entertain at your home. Besides vermin, burrowing animals, trails of dirt and mud and sod waste will also be removed from your “lawn-care worries.” There are so many benefits to installing artificial turf and reasons why you should go green. Save water, save green, save time, save the environment and create curb appeal for your home or property. The initial investment is always worth it because in the end you will be saving more money by not having to pay so much on your water bill, landscape maintenance, lawn mowers and paying to replace your sod time after time. As long as you take the (minimal) amount of time and effort into maintaining a clean artificial turf lawn, like picking up after your pet as soon as possible, you don't need to worry about insects and other creatures that may wander in.

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