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  • Victoria Pash

Commercial Installations

Artificial Turf

With the rapid development of businesses in Southern California, comes more opportunity and even more people. An increase in high-rise apartment buildings and the expansion of office spaces results in the need for more proper landscaping . Even though we are post-drought, we still need to be conscious of our water usage. It is Wilson Greens' mission to spread the word about the use of artificial grass in order to save water (which in turn, saves time and money)! Many residential homes and communities have jumped on the "artificial turf bandwagon", but there are so many more commercial and government-owned properties that need to as well. Public properties make up so much of the land in Southern California, and it is vital that they include drought-tolerant landscaping. The City of Fountain Valley has begun to do their part by allowing us to install artificial turf on a few of their medians. This project was a big win for the environment. Little by little we hope that many other cities will follow in Fountain Valley's footsteps and begin to install turf because water is being wasted day after day on natural grass. Turf is already low maintenance but if there are plenty of areas that do not receive any foot traffic, maintenance becomes very little to none. Besides, turf is way more aesthetically pleasing as it stays green all year long. If you have a commercial property or work for a local city and want to inquire about installing artificial turf, call and ask for your no cost, no obligation estimate.

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