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How to Improve Your Short Game

Are you struggling with your golf game? I have the solution for you, and it’s actually quite simple. The answer is…your own personal in-home putting green! I’ve been designing and installing putting greens for over 15 years now, and nothing brings me more joy to hear about how it helps my customers improve their golf game. As a golf enthusiast myself, I know how frustrating it can be to hit that beautiful approach shot, to then 3-putt. Nobody likes to go from birdie to bogey. A personalized custom putting green enables a focus on individual weaknesses. Golfers can identify their shortcomings and customize their practice regimen accordingly. For instance, if you struggle with short putts, you can set up a series of challenging, three-foot putts. If you need work on long-distance putts, you can incorporate those into your practice routine. This personalized approach fosters skill development and addresses specific needs.

And there is nothing better than practicing in the privacy of your own home, it ensures a relaxed and comfortable setting. You can practice in your pajamas, barefoot, or with your dog as your faithful caddy, creating an atmosphere that eases nerves and fosters concentration.

A personal putting green also provides an excellent opportunity for friendly competition and bonding with family and friends. Invite your buddies over for a putting green challenge or engage in quality family time while sharing your love for the game. These interactions not only improve your short game, but also creates lasting memories.

I know what your thinking, this is all great, I’d love my own putting green, but how many green bills am I going to have to fork over. While the initial investment may seem significant, it ultimately eliminates the need for frequent trips to the golf course or driving range, which can add up over time, especially in Orange County. The green’s low maintenance requirements ensure long-term savings.

A custom putting green in your back or front yard is more than just a luxury for golf aficionados; it is an invaluable tool for improving your golf game. The convenience, consistency, and personalization it offers can drastically enhance putting skills all while saving time and money. It is not only a training ground for yourself or the other golf lovers in your circle, but also a place for bonding and fun times with your loved ones.

As a golfer myself, I’m always striving to improve my short game. A personal putting green stands as a true ally in the pursuit of excellence. Having your own green allows you the opportunity to consistently practice your putting stroke, and improve your ball speed. I also like to install a small chipping area close to the green if the area allows it. Being able to get up and down from 8 or 10 feet off the green is a great tool to have. Having my own backyard putting has greatly improved my confidence around and on the green. The consistent practice has moved me from a 14 handicap to an 8, that’s no small feat. If you could stand to drop a couple strokes off your golf game, a Wilson Greens’ putting green is what you need.

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